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Kitchen appliance giveaway at Suga Kuchen

£1100 Cashback PLUS FREE induction hob in our kitchen appliance giveaway offer!

It’s here…and it’s hotter than ever!

We have updated our are January sale at Suga Kuchen and are now offering real savings of over £2000 on Neff appliances with our kitchen appliance giveaway.

Exclusively at Suga Kuchen you can get up to £1100 cashback on Neff appliances, PLUS receive a FREE induction hob on top of this offer when you purchase your kitchen and appliances before 29 Feb 2023.

This UNIQUE kitchen appliance giveaway offer is only available because we are a Neff 5 star Masterpartner.

There are so many appliances included in this offer, and a great choice of induction hobs too.

Appliance giveaway offer available when a full kitchen is purchased.

*Kitchen comprises of a minimum of 7 units.

Why Choose Neff Appliances?

From self-cleaning ovens to intuitive induction hobs, there are hundreds of fantastic new appliances promising to make cooking easier, and design stronger. And, as NEFF Appliances 5 Star MasterPartner, we keep all the latest, cutting-edge appliances on display at our fantastic showroom, including products that are not available on the high street, and prices that might surprise you. We have an amazing range of products available to suit every cooking style. Whether you’re determined to elevate your culinary skills or keen to prioritise spending quality time with your family, we’ll help you find the perfect appliances to suit your lifestyle and budget.

At Suga Kutchen, we’re passionate about bringing our clients the best there is to offer. Our outstanding collection of kitchen technologies represents the most innovative and reliable products on the market. They make the ideal finishing touch to our high-quality, bespoke kitchens. Our stylish and ingenious new appliances will ensure your new kitchen looks and functions beautifully. From maximising every inch of space to helping you incorporate your favourite colours and finishes, you can rest assured our designers will go above and beyond to make sure your kitchen works for you.

We advise you to speak to one of our designers to find the perfect mix of appliances for you and your home, but details of Neff appliances ranges and their benefits are available here to download.

cook smarter with home connect and neff appliances

Home Connect helps you to unleash your cooking creativity by allowing you to manage your oven, fridge, dishwasher and other home appliances over your Wi-Fi. Tap via the app, speak to your oven with voice control, and make appliances interact with one another automatically. Home Connect is an ever-growing platform that brings the future to your kitchen.