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Kitchen Trends 2024

At Suga Kuchen (formerly Keller Kitchens) we have been designing and installing kitchens across Altrincham, Cheshire and Manchester since 1986. Throughout this time we have seen countless kitchen trends come and go, with colours and textiles often influenced by the fashion industry.   

Back in the 1980’s we designed kitchens to be sociable, with seating areas and lots of dark wood, then, to the 1990’s and the trend was for brighter white or cream utilitarian kitchens – with convenience foods and TV dinners taking centre stage rather than a sociable entertaining space.  

Head to the 2000’s and kitchens were heading back to being the heart of the home, with kitchen diners being opened up into large kitchens with islands taking centre stage for parties.

In the 2010’s our focus shifted to technology. The demand for cooking convenience that was identified in the 1990’s was replaced with a growing desire for to show off our cooking talents in the kitchen and post it on social media.

Now, kitchen trends in the 2020’s we’re in the midst of the best of all the eras.  Our kitchens are sociable, packed with incredible smart technology that enables us to get creative but clean up quickly. Our kitchens have never worked harder as they also often double as workspaces, or homework zones.

But we also have something else to consider as a small local business, and that’s our commercial and conscience to our community.   As a company with young children at home we are even more conscious of the impact that our purchasing decisions have on our environment, so we’re committed to working with carbon neutral kitchen companies, sourcing furniture and worktops that have been manufactured from recycled materials in sustainable practices.  We select high rated energy saving appliances and even consider paint finishes that are eco-friendly.

Quality Kitchen Trends

Key to our sustainability is the quality of our kitchens, so that means they need to be built to last for many years and installed beautifully.  We’re proud to say that the kitchens we installed in the 2000’s are only now being updated, often with the old kitchen refitted as utility rooms in the same home!

If you’d like a free design for your next sustainable and affordable kitchen we’d be delighted to help. Contact us on 0161 962 7261.