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Sensible and sensual. The form and the material, the function and the use.
Creative, innovative and surprisingly different. Minimalist, essential and timelessly elegant.
Inspired by the Bauhaus, designed and manufactured in Germany

next125 @ suga•küchen
125 grid system

The next125 design concept is based on an architectural feature: the metric grid size.

The kitchen grid height of 125 mm lends its name to the brand name. Based on this grid size, next125 has developed two carcase heights – based on the ergonomics of today’s kitchen users.

Thanks to the cubic design, the clean lines and the carcase system, you can enjoy outstanding flexibility when planning a next125 kitchen.

The design radiates calmness and structure and helps transform the kitchen from a functional room to the heart of the home.

next125 cube

It makes work in the kitchen much easier and much faster. Everything is instantly to hand. next125 cube provides what you need for daily cooking, directly where it is needed.

next125 frame

Design meets function. Flexible storage, optimal ergonomics and beautiful lighting: In the kitchen, whatever doesn’t fit in the cabinet is hung on the wall.

new for 23

A highlight for gourmets and keen amateur sommeliers. To offer wine cooler units a home in the kitchen, next125 has come up with fronts for tall units, which harmoniously incorporate side-by-side glass-door appliances into the overall appearance.

The cutout for fronts in laminate SensiQ fine matt AFP, satin and matt velvet lacquer and veneer stylishly showcases the precious items: it has never been so easy to bring the luxury of a wine cellar into the kitchen.

sustainable handles

This minimalist handle not only lends the kitchen a contemporary touch, it is also an example of innovative recycling of plastic waste from the ocean.

The special material OceanIX Plastic is obtained from old fishing nets, among other things, which are collected and then recycled into valuable plastic.

The plastic waste is sourced in cooperation with NGOs, public authorities, collectors, ports, the maritime industry and fishermen, but also net and rope manufacturers worldwide. Our handle is therefore a small, first step on the way to a sustainable circular economy.

eco credentials

The basis for a climate neutral furniture manufacturer is the carbon footprint. To receive certification as a climate-neutral furniture manufacturer, the manufacturer is required to calculate its “footprint” every year on the basis of 3 scopes. This footprint is made up of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

The calculated carbon footprint is compensated for by purchasing (redeeming) high-quality international climate protection certificates that meet the Gold Standard, the VCS Standard or the Clean Development Mechanism.

As Schüller has eliminated all CO2 emissions of the 3 scopes, the company has been awarded the highest level of “Climate Neutral Furniture Manufacturer”. 


We love how next125 describe this kitchen as a workshop for every aspect of indulgence and enjoyment.

Functional, industrial and a true design statement – due to the cubic planning: the famous ceramic front ceramic front nx950 in the new version ceramic marble grigio effect.

The fine veining of the marble decor creates exciting reflections, while the full block wall with flush mounted tall units creates calm. One great advantage of this kitchen furniture is the easy-to-clean SensiQ.

Wall-mounted cubes makes work in the kitchen so much easier and quicker as everything is on hand. The next125 panel garden for fresh herbs with daylight illumination is a lovely touch to bring the outside in. Integrated, timer-controlled lighting also makes them suitable for darker rooms.


This small kitchen is a big success thanks to its bright surfaces, ample lighting and clever storage systems.

The illuminated recess panel provides essential space for utensils or even a hanging herb garden.


The kitchenette with fronts in bright curry combine compact functionality, a homely feel and unlimited cooking pleasure – also in small rooms or offices.

Behind the retractable doors, there is enough space to hide kitchen appliances and storage. The illuminated recess profile ensures herbs can grow or items displayed. Everything is optimally hidden behind the retractable doors and uses contrasting internal colours.

This water-based Dual Cure lacquer system with UV curing not only meets high ecological demands, but is also highly durable and resilient. The velvety matt, lightly textured finish makes the front very easy to care for. Satin lacquer is available in many colours.


The curved fronts provide the wow factor on this sleek handless kitchen, which extends seamlessly into the living area thanks to the natural uniform oak look of the worktop, kitchen, table and bench. Roomy pull outs hide every day life while the sliding door shelf provides a space to display treasured objects.

An in plinth garage for the robot vacuum completes this beautiful yet practical kitchen.

nx510 / nx640

Less is more when you’re looking for maximum effect.

This elegant, minimalistic kitchen is integrated into the space with an open-plan design. Bare walls, concrete galore and an interior with almost no doors create freedom and provide the necessary air to breathe.

The monochrome cooking island seems to almost float on its legs. With its handleless design, it is like a minimalistic block in the room. Behind it is a tall unit with retractable doors, which stylishly conceals the other kitchen appliances and gives the room the desired peaceful feel when closed.

The downdraft extractor flush-mounted in the worktop eliminates the need for an extractor hood, thereby creating more space above the island.

The pocket doors along the back wall are whiz at hide and seek. Closed it looks like household furniture, open it reveals its true range of functionality. All it takes is a light tap and the retractable doors spring open. Behind them lie the oven, steamer and much more – all beautifully hidden away. The fine wood veneer exterior and harmoniously coordinated shade of lacquer on the interior have been consciously selected.

If you’re a hunter and collector with a penchant for beautiful things, then you can build up quite a hoard over time. In such cases, glass display units are the perfect solution. They can be used to present all of your treasures free of dust and you can enjoy them every day. Of course, you can also just use them to store glasses and crockery for everyday use, but that wouldn’t be as much fun!

The kitchen shows a combination of matt velvet lacquer in Sahara beige and a wood decor in oak elegant pearl grey. The silky soft matt lacquer fronts are particularly durable thanks to the several coats of lacquer. The wood decor with its neutral shade is the ideal combination partner for matt lacquers in bright colours.

nx510 / nx640

Bright, white and handleless You won’t get sleeker than Fino from Schuller, especially if you pair it with a slender worktop and ceiling height cabinets.


Room to breathe: with its matt glass surfaces in agate grey and the L shape that leaves room for a generous dining area, the kitchen exudes a comfortable feel. 

Handleless, floor-to-ceiling tall units offer plenty of space. The interior equipment is optimally tailored to cooking. Appliances integrated at height, such as a refrigerator that opens when pressed or a hand-height dishwasher that responds to knocking, are not gimmicks. They create a tranquil, handleless look.

Details make the difference: open shelves form a contrast with closed fronts, handleless surfaces can be combined with attractive cut-out finger pulls, calm colours create a perfect contrast to the bold tones. Integrate in a gas fireplace and a bookshelf to create a homely living space. 

Seen here in Glass Matt Agate Grey & Cognac Satin, other material combinations and colours  are available.


The exciting combination of a natural oak look and matt velvet black extends throughout this entire space – highlighted by the extravagant handles and the stylish sliding door shelf.

The dark surface has anti fingerprint coating to minimise cleaning and maximise the quality feel. In addition, the integrated lighting perfectly illuminates the worktop area.

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