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Award Winning Bread Making Class at Suga Kuchen

Award winning bread making classes come to Suga Kuchen this January, as the team from Room Forty visit the showroom. The talented bakers at mobile bakery (and afternoon tea emporium) Room Forty are using our showroom as a pop up venue for their very first class in Altrincham.

The date will be Wednesday 31 January 2024 from 6.00pm-9.30pm at our showroom.

Participants are guaranteed to have fun, learning the basics of bread and pizza making and will make their award winning white delight loaf (Silver in the World Bread Awards!), pizza and soda bread. It is a hands on class, and you will take away your bakes with you.

What you’ll learn.

  1. Get to grips with yeast and other raising agents
  2. Learn the techniques of kneading, proving and shaping
  3. Score your bread to personalise it and make it pretty!
  4. Learn to make a variety of breads, that will give you confidence to try new recipes yourself.
  5. Discover what’s in commercial breads!
  6. You’ll also get to have fun using our ovens and appliances for yourself

This is a fun, relaxed yet informative class which has been tried and tested, in fact Room Forty have taught over 1000 people to bake so far. Just check out their reviews!

We’re part of the real bread campaign and are passionate about getting people baking, so that’s why it is priced so affordably. Join us, you’ll love it.

To book contact or email [email protected]