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Exceptional Kitchen Design in Cheshire & Manchester

With over thirty years of experience, we can deliver unrivalled quality and professional expertise, suga•küchen are the North West’s leading independent kitchen specialists.


Explore Our Exquisite Collection

We all have unique needs and requirements, from our cooking preferences to our favourite colours and finishes. At suga•küchen we make sure your new kitchen complements your lifestyle and reflects your tastes.

We offer an exceptional collection of kitchens, furniture and appliances for your home. Crafted by renowned German experts next125 and Schüller, Dutch innovators Keller and our bespoke collection Suga Handmade, the quality of our products is unmatched. Explore our contemporary kitchens below.

Functionality With next125

next125 Kitchens blends innovative functionality with timeless aesthetics. Each kitchen is carefully crafted with precision and care, ensuring exceptional durability and performance. The brand's commitment to sustainability means its products use responsibly sourced materials and energy-efficient processes. Their kitchens provide a superior cooking and living experience, making them the ideal choice if you are looking for quality, style, and sustainability.

With their seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and elegant design, our range of next125 kitchens reflects modern sophistication and practicality.


The Innovation of Keller

A renowned name in the industry, Keller Kitchens is celebrated for superior quality, innovative designs, and commitment to sustainability. Their custom-built kitchens meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and functionality. We can offer a diverse range of Keller Kitchens, from sleek and contemporary designs to timeless classics, allowing you to create a kitchen that perfectly matches your taste and lifestyle. With eco-friendly practices and sustainable materials, they also help you make an environmentally responsible choice.

Our Keller kitchens are reliable and elegant and will transform your cooking space into the heart of your home.

Schueller Matera sustainable JD Kitchens

German Craftsmanship with Schüller

Schüller Kitchens is renowned for craftsmanship, innovative design, and commitment to sustainability. Each Schüller kitchen is engineered to offer the perfect blend of functionality and style, ensuring long-lasting performance and beauty. Our collection of Schüller Kitchens caters to diverse tastes and needs with their sleek modern aesthetics and timeless traditional designs.

Our Schüller kitchens are high-quality and durable, making them the ideal choice for those who value excellence and sustainability.

Discovering Your suga•küchen

With extensive experience creating exceptional kitchens, we know the importance of superior design. Drawing inspiration from our precision-engineered German products, cutting-edge design is at the heart of all our kitchens. The suga•küchen team listens carefully to your requirements, ensuring our kitchens provide the best solution for you. We take the time to get to know you and your home, tailoring every detail to suit your family, lifestyle and tastes.

Discover how we can transform your kitchen and get in touch with us today.

Keller Keukens, VT Wonen & Designbeurs, Amsterdam 2017