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Kosher Kitchen Design

This Kosher approved kitchen was recently designed and installed in Prestwich with Rabbi guidance, which helped to ensure that the materials used were appropriate. 

Suga Kuchen interior design experts ensured the kitchen functioned properly and looked exquisite within the guidance offered. 

  • Kosher kitchen altrincham

After looking at several door samples, the couple simply couldn’t find the perfect colour, so we created a special colour just for them. This service is available to all our customers purchasing a kitchen from the Keller range.  Floor to ceiling height units not only avoid dust traps near the ceiling, they also increase the amount of storage the clients have to accommodate the separate utensils needed to support Kosher cooking requirements.

We included the requisite two dishwashers, and two separate sinks for milk and meat, one with a Quooker Cube tap and another with twin Nordic tap, designed for Kosher kitchens to match the Quooker aesthetically. 

Durable nonporous Dekton worktops extend to the windowsills, and a Schock sink with smooth no stain finish complete the sink areas.

Traditionally, Sabbath observance requires that Jews refrain from working and the use of electronics. For this reason we selected appliances with a ‘Sabbath’ mode. 

If you are looking for a kitchen company who will respectfully work with you on your own design, for religious or other reasons please get in touch.